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Marketing and IT - The New Power Couple

Creating a common language between marketing and IT is critical when looking to mature an organization’s digital marketing and evolve the brand experience over time.

At Soul Concepts, we speak that language and provide/offer a suite of cross-functional services to ensure that both marketing and technology needs are met through one unified program.

Project Engagement Model

A cross-functional team aligned

with your organization's skillsets.  ensuring effective service delivery

Managed Services

Improving the quantity and quality of traffic through demand generation activities.

The Process

Understanding the who, what, where, when and why of your

digital ecosystem.

Managed Services - Program Overview

Our managed services program is all about you and helping you align marketing and technology with your business objectives. With a strong foundation and services customized to your needs, our team is ready to support your organization's growth and marketing maturity.

One Foundation Several Options


Demand Generation

SEO, Content Marketing, Social Strategy, Off-site Campaigns

Application Services

Application Enhancements, Software Upgrades, Warranty

Experience Marketing

Personalization, Testing, Email / Marketing Automation


Hosting Management, Soul Concepts Hosting


Engagement Scoring, Monthly Reporting

Performance & Monitoring

SLA Response & Resolution Time

Retainer Services

Post Project Managed Services - We Work, You Relax - Nominal Monthly Service Fee


Feature and functionality updates to continually enhance the user experience.

Custom Design

Design updates to keep your

digital property fresh and up to date.

Content/Data Gathering

Mining and development of relevant content to support cross-channel marketing efforts.

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Improve Quantity & Quality Of Traffic With Demand Generation Activity

Digital Marketing Services

Demand Generation, Experience Marketing, Value-Based Reporting

Demand Generation

Paid efforts and outsourced lead generation. Owned (SEO, email, etc.) and Earned.

Experience Marketing

Personalization Testing &

Optimization Marketing Automation

Value-Based Reporting

Cross-channel insights and reporting

tied to delivered business value.

Technology Services

Performance & Monitoring, Hosting & Infrastructure Management, Application Services

Performance & Monitoring

Our team monitors applications

and infrastructure to ensure optimal

uptime and performance.

Hosting & Infrastructure Management

Management of your entire environment to ensure applications always have what they need to run at peak performance.

Application Services

A cross-functional team to evolve your applications along your strategic roadmap.

Engagement Model

Three Choices of Engagement - Monthly, Quarterly Updates with Support Services
Account Management
Project Management
Support Services

Your day-to-day contact who combines your big picture marketing vision with deep technical and application expertise.

Around the clock support for all of your web development, application, design and digital marketing needs.

With client satisfaction being key, your account manager ensures that projects are successful and delivered on time.

How Our Process Works:

Understand the Who, What, When, Where & Why of Your Digital Ecosystem

Managed Services Assessment

Survey, Health Assessment, Program Definition, Roadmap & Implementation


Determining a baseline of digital

marketing and technology maturity to identify areas for further assessment.

Digital Health Assessment

A look under to hood to understand application, website(s) and marketing efforts performance.

Program Definition & Roadmap

Building a customized managed

services program and defining a

roadmap and initiate implementation.

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Our Managed Services Program is closely aligned with IT.  This is our key

differentiating factor from other web design and digital marketing studios.

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